I changed careers from Law to Photography in 2015. Retirement from full time practice as a Canberra Senior Counsel marks the commencement of my long-held dream of immersion in the visual and written arts. After over 40 years in Law, it was time to focus on other passions that had been arguably adjourned for far too long. It was time to appreciate, and to explore, what the right side of the brain had to offer.

Even before I left full-time legal practice, I cherished the occasional opportunities I sometimes had to be able to dash out of Chambers and capture interesting changes in lighting, cloud formations or various events, some of which I could see from my windows on the top floor of the AMP Building in Canberra. Pre-dawn starts to capture the moody atmosphere of emerging days, were not always compatible with running cases, and that meant that giving precedence to the best interests of clients took priority, and opportunities to be creative were lost. You cannot adjourn, or stand down, an event of nature and come back to it later.

Even while I was at the Bar, I did some formal portraiture work, where my aim was to capture something about the subject's essential character. For me, an image is the message, whether it be in recording events to capturing what had an impact on my emotions. My photography has ranged from people, landscapes, closeups, colour splashes, abstracts, architectural, experimental, to travel and culture.

Even before I had my own first camera at the age of 9, I was allowed to use my father's twin-lens medium-format pre-war camera, and enjoyed experimenting in the improvised "darkroom" (secondary role for our bathroom in Africa). There was something very satisfying in seeing an image emerge from an exposed piece of photo paper being agitated in a chemical bath. Use of 120mm film meant I could get useable images from contact printing. It was fun.

Now it is all digital, with latest Nikons, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, sophisticated hardware and fast processors, as well as lovely Epson printers. Despite the ease and utility of modern gear, I still nurture a fondness for the older Nikons, real film and a delightful Hasselblad with the superb Carl Zeiss lenses. Taking real exposure readings with light meters, and setting apertures and shutter speeds by hand, all hold a special pride of place in my spectrum of life. There is a lot that is fascinating, challenging and satisfying. While I love working in colour, there is something serenely rewarding about the classic black & white.

To see my developing collection of images, please visit the portfolio on this website for examples of my work, and the work of my partner, Lois Clifford. Visit also my own-designed earlier website at www.brzostowski.com.au which will now tend to hold articles and writings on law and only some selections of photos.

I can be contacted on 0411 244 233 (or if international, +61 411 244 233 ) or ongeorge@brzostowski.com.au which will not change despite the use of this new domain name.

Warm regards,

George Brzostowski SC